Wednesday, June 10, 2009


The hardest papers are finally gone n im now left with the last 2 papers...
i feel so relaxed after the previous papers to the extend i feel de-motivated to continue studying for the last 2!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009


While Keshy was still here in Perth, we took a drive to fremantle on a sunny sunday..

The view from the famous fish n chip restaurant Cicerello.. We took awhile to find this famous place and went in circles around fremantle.. we found the place eventually with the help from the friendly locals..

Keshy looking for his lost mermaid.. lol..

thats Derek on the left n a rather "attractive" picture of Uvan.. haha.. it was a candid moment..

The fish n chips were huge! we were all overdosed wit fries.. even the guys couldnt finish theirs, so we decided to tapao..
We wanted to head over to little creatures which is a beer brewery but by the time we were done, it was already too late n they were closed.. so we took a drive to Kings Park to hav the night experience there..

Poser Derek.. haha

Right after this picture was taken, they spilled keshy's coffee all over his pretty white shirt.. n that happened because they were "gay-ing" around..aka..pinching each others

That's all for today.. will try to update more often.. hehe..
see ya!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Perth is only fun for the slow paced...

hello!! i've decided to enter the blogging scene as i hav so much time on my hands at this land called Perth...

the 1st few weeks here was so much fun! but once the classes start, everything slowed down..

yea, i wanna go home! missing the malaysian cuisine, the mamak yam cha sessions, the random trips to genting.. mostly, missing family n frens...

soo, here are a few pictures of perth since i got here...starting with the 1st beach i went to, Cottesloe.. the weather may be freaking hot, but the water is freeeeezing cold!!! so, i didnt go for a swim... should probably challenge myself n jus go for it next time.. haha..

Cottesloe Beach

The beautiful sunset...

Jiin Siong

Winnie, Ching Mei

Us again

Next up is the King's Park.. This place is breathtaking.. you can see the whole city of perth from up here.. also, at night, just lie on the grass, look up and u'll see plenty of stars.. the grass here is much nicer to sleep on cause it feels much cleaner then the ones in msia.. haha.. note that it FEELS cleaner.. cause i heard that they actually water the grass with recycled water.. duno how ture it is.. but oh well, whatever it is, this is a MUST see place at Perth.. The freaking cold wind can sometimes be too much to bare..for me at least.. cold n me just dun go together..

Kim, Jiin Siong, Winnie, Joe, Weng Fatt